Trollheimen – double testwinner!

In a review of eight different 3-season sleeping bags, the magazine Villmarksliv crowns Helsport Trollheimen LT as the winner!

They describe the Trollheimen LT as a sleeping bag with “elaborate details and very comfortable inner-fabrics”.

Here’s what they say about the Helsport Trollheimen LT:

This bag is a little bit narrower than the Ajungilak Kompakt. The sleeping bag has very comfortable inner-fabric and good comfort, but the filling-material does not feel as airy as the Kompakt. Very elaborate details, including waterproof fabrics in the foot part, no-slide base fabric, and pillow pocket. Strategically-placed reflective details make it easy to find the puller, and increases usability in poor light. The sleeping bag has also a internal pocket with zipper.