Tips for choosing lavvu

Lavvus are a great multi-functional option that provide plenty of space. You can cook your food, warm your hands and, with enough room for family and friends, everyone can gather to enjoy meals and tell stories after a long day in the mountains. Helsport lavvus are easy to carry and easy to pitch. Our lavvus can be used during summer and winter, and are a practical and social way to spend time in the outdoors. Because of the weight, a lavvu is often used on shorter trips or as a base camp. However, by sharing the carrying weight between several people, the lavvu is also excellent for use on longer trips.

Although it’s tempting, we don’t recommend leaving your lavvu pitched permanently. Despite having a strong, UV-treated fabric, the outer sheet will weaken after a long period in direct sunlight. If you leave a single-pole lavvu out in the winter for lengthy periods, the weight of the snow can eventually break the pole.

When choosing a lavvu, use the same thinking as described for tents. For example, for a two-person trip we recommend you choose a 4-person lavvu – this means you’ll have good space for gear storage, cooking, etc. As well as spaciousness, many people choose a lavvu because the outer sheet is flame retardant, allowing use of a stove or campfire inside.

You can maximise your lavvu experience by adding accessories. Both an inner tent and ground sheet will increase your comfort levels considerably, and should be a part of your lavvu gear if you’re planning on active use. A burner or an oven are both good alternatives to an open fire, and create less smoke and sparks. A kettle holder and a drying rack also make lavvu-life more practical.

Our patented, internally-adjustable top-hat is a standard feature on our VarangerVaranger Camp and Finnmark lavvus. In addition, all our lavvus have vents with mosquito netting. Helsport lavvus also have our standard design features such as practical fasteners for guy lines, highly adjustable guy lines and peg points, etc. It’s solutions like these that make our lavvus easy to pitch and convenient to use.

If you’re looking for a lavvu for winter use, you should consider ourVaranger Camp, one of our lavvus with a unique porch. It was awarded “Best for winter use” by Villmarksliv – one of Scandinavia’s leading outdoor adventuring magazines.

“Solid, stable and practical. Our first choice for winter!”


Another lavvu designed for winter use is the Finnmark. With more features than the Varanger Camp, the Finnmark is suited to more extreme winter conditions. The Wegge Brothers used the Finnmark as their basecamp on Bear Island, and experienced a rough but amazing adventure!

If you’re in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll gladly help you find the lavvu that suits you best. The easiest way is to contact us directly via our Facebook pages, but you can also feel free to call us at 72 87 83 00 or send an email to

Good luck!