Tent fabrics

The importance of good textiles

Factors such as durability, water resistance and tear strength can vary greatly in fabrics, relative to quality and price. Choosing the right fabric is crucial for the performance and lifetime of a product. At Helsport, we have developed a unique understanding and skill in choosing fabrics that stand up to the outdoors.

Outer tent fabrics

Many consumers can be misled to judge a fabric’s quality based simply on its reported water resistance. International standard EN 343 defines fabrics to be waterproof if they have water column rating higher than 800mm. Different manufacturers might use different methods to test the water column, and non- standardized test results may vary as much as several hundred percent. However it is not the water column when new that is important, but the fabric’s ability to maintain its water resistance over time. In Helsport we set very high standards for our fabrics, and use standardized tests for measuring water column (ISO 811) and tear strength (ISO 13937-4).


For our TREK-tents and lavvus we use a specially developed polyester, Helsport Rainguard®, which has a water column of minimum 3000 mm. The polyester is constructed to keep the flysheet tight even under changing weather- and temperature conditions. It also comes in a fire retardant edition, FR, used in tents and lavvus making it possible to safely use open flames inside.


The Superlight tents use a polyamide micro ripstop fabric. This fabric is woven by a very thin (15D) thread that provides super lightweight materials. It is also coated on both sides with a silicone coating, which results in high tear strength and durability, while providing a water column of 2000 mm.


For the rest of the PRO and X-TREM tents we have developed a solid outer tent fabric. It is over eight times more durable and tear resistant than normal fabrics, woven with the finest thread and coated on both sides with silicone. Naturally this fabric also features strong resistance to UV-rays and excellent fabric stability under changing weather and temperature conditions. It has a water column of minimum 3000 mm. This fabric is also used as a ground sheet for the SuperLight tents.

Inner tent fabrics



The inner tent fabrics we use in our TREK tents are Polyester with WR/FR coating, which makes the fabric water repellent, fire retardant and highly breathable. Polyester does not absorb moisture and dries quickly. It weighs only 60g/m²


The fabrics used in our PRO and X-TREM tents, are light and strong 30D polyester fabrics. The ripstop increases the tear strength and the fabrics are highly water repellent and breathable.


The SuperLight tents have a ripstop material in polyamide, which is woven in 15D thread. This fabric has very
high breathability, which is important for reducing condensation. In addition, the fabric is impregnated to keep out condensation that might drop from the outer tent.

Ground sheet


Ground sheets are a critical component of all tents, because they are exposed to additional wear and tear. Helsport ́s ground sheets have a great durability and tear strength. The surface facing down to the ground is coated with silicone, which prevents water penetration and reduces drying time.


Used in Trek tents and lavvu: with polyurethane instead of silicone, to allow flame retardant treatment.