Reinsfjell Superlight test winner

Reinsfjell Superlight 2 was crowned test winner in the June 2015 issue of Germany’s Outdoor Magazine.

Helsport Reinsfjell 2 Superlight

Price: 750.00€
Weight: 2.00kg
Size: 228cm x 120cm, 200cm/1.7sqm

Weather protection:
5/5 stars

Excellent protection against wind and rain.
The fly sheet reaches down to ground-level, keeping out wind and snow.

5/5 stars
The inner tent and the two vestibules offer plenty of space, with good ventilation.

4/5 stars
Easy to pitch, however the thin pegs could be replaced.

Weight / pack size:
4/5 stars

5/5 stars

With the Reinsfjell Superlight 2, Helsport offers the perfect 3-4-season trekking tent. A highlight!