LY wind shelter – Test winner!

UTE magazine put 5 emergency/wind shelters to the test, and the Helsport LY Vindsekk came out on top!

Room for two

The LY Vindsekk is made from the same material as Helsport’s Superlight tents, and provides shelter from both wind and rain. There’s plenty of room for two, and can fit three if needed. Multiple attachment points allows for crafting of a simple tent, using ropes and trees/skis/poles (not provided), adding increased comfort to any unplanned overnight stays. The shelter has ample ventilation, and a two-way zipper provides enough gap for two people to poke their heads out. We would have preferred two cord cinch closures instead, as zippers need a puller that can be used with mittens, but having two openings is great for those short breaks where you don’t want to isolate yourself from the rest of the group. If the weather turns really bad, the shelter provides ample protection from the conditions, and is big enough for two people to sleep in, including some gear. A window inside the shelter allows you to comfortably enjoy the view of any surrounding storm, and a cord cinch closure in the bottom ensures you are well protected. Reflective patches and brightly coloured fabrics aid your rescue. As purely an emergency shelter it’s a bit on the large side, but as an all-round shelter for both emergencies and just plain old foul weather, the LY Vindsekk is an excellent alternative.