Kongsfjorden – The Award for Design Excellence 2010

The Award for Design Excellence is Norway’s leading award for design, and is given to manufacturers and designers who have cooperated on product development.

The jury’s verdict

The Kongsfjord is a versatile sleeping bag for extreme weather that works in different climate zones. The bag has great features that clearly satisfy the many requirements of its target user group. It is generously designed, with comfortable openings for the arms and a good firm warm collar and hood. The innovation lies mainly in the dual layer system, which can also be used as separate layers.

The bag is comfortable and inviting, and exudes a feeling of safety and added value for users. This is a very well-conceived product with surprising finesse that takes elite users seriously. The jury feels that the product is very well-designed and has major benefits for users.

The Award for Design Excellence

  • The Award is granted in recognition of the successful use of design as a strategic tool in product development and market communication.
  • The Award is given in the following categories: Industrial Design, Packaging Design, Visual communication, Textile and Clothing Design, Interactive design, Furniture Design and Service Design.
  • One important objective of the Award is to inspire Norwegian businesses to use design to create innovative and competitive products and services for the benefit and pleasure of Norwegian and international consumers.