Helsport LINK carrying system

Carrying a loaded pack over tough mountain terrain will test your endurance. You need a suspension system that fits to your body without restriction, transferring your hard-earned energy into dynamic motion.

When you’re carrying a loaded pack: 

  • you tend to walk with a forward lean and a curved spine
  • you use energy stabilizing the pack as it moves in relation to your body
  • pressure from the hipbelt can lead to reduced freedom of movement and blood circulation to the buttocks and leg muscles

We have years of experience designing packs that perform efficiently, comfortably and reliably in a tough environment. Our own Norwegian mountains have provided the ideal, uncompromising test laboratory. The result is Helsport Link TM.

Helsport LINK TM – connect with your pack

Our Helsport Link TM System transfers the load efficiently to your body using a unique fit system that adjusts quickly and connects every element of the system together. It stabilises the pack for a minimum of wasted effort and at the same time gives you a greater degree of control and balance.

Fast Fit – LINK TM adjusts quickly and easily using our unique components. This gives you an excellent fit, reduced pressure points and less restriction of movement. The pack connects to the suspension system via specially designed components that allow for easy adjustments.

Efficient – LINK TM is strong and reliable, with all elements connected directly together for maximum efficiency, unprecedented load carriage and great stability.

It’s important to maintain the natural S-curvature of your spine when you’re walking, as it helps absorb shock and prevent injury, and is an energy efficient walking posture. Our Helsport LINK TM helps you maintain correct posture. In particular, the lumbar pad design and subsequent lower back angle mean you use less effort to stabilize your body.

Direct – The LINK TM hipbelt has an integral stiffening element which gives reduced flex in the framestay to hipbelt connection, for direct load transfer. The result is greater freedom of movement to hard-working leg muscle groups.

We have packs in both the PRO and X-TREM categories with our LINK TM carrying system:

THE PRO CATEGORY: Firm, lightweight padding that provides good load distribution. Best suited for users who are accustomed to carrying a heavy backpack.

THE X-TREM CATEGORY: Wide, firm padding in the hipbelt and shoulder straps. Backpacks in this category are designed for large and extremely heavy loads.