Functional details

Pillow pocket

A pocket on the outside of the sleeping bag which is perfect for inserting a Helsport Air Pillow, or can be stuffed with clothing.


At Helsport we only use zippers from the world’s leading zipper manufacturer YKK. YKK zippers are durable, easy to use and will last the lifetime of your product. Left- and right-hand sleeping bags can be zipped together for increased comfort and warmth. Due to a change in production in 2013, only bags produced in 2014 and later are joinable.

Heat trap collar

Specially-designed internal collars to stop warm air from escaping through the neck area, while keeping the cold out.

Compression darts

Designed for use in extreme low temperatures, these triangles around the hood are filled with slightly less insulation to allow for a better, tighter hood closure.

Picture shows how the compression darts look in the open and closed positions.

Compression bag

Our unique design ensures proper compression of your sleeping bag by allowing an even and controlled compression adjustment. The water resistant bag comes standard with all of our sleeping bags. The lid protects the sleeping bag during transportation and a handle on the bottom of the bag provides a good grip when pulling out the bag. As insulating fibres may be damaged if compressed over long periods, we suggest you store your sleeping bag uncompressed when you’re not using it.

Quick hood closure

A reinforcement piece around the cord opening makes tightening the hood faster and easier.

Zipper stopper

A zipper stopper at the bottom of the bag prevents the zipper from opening unintentionally. This is important for winter sleeping bags, since it can be difficult to reattach the zipper in cold weather when your fingers aren’t as dextrous.