Four-season and expedition tent review

Helsport’s Svalbard High 3 Camp was awarded “Best tent for long winter expeditions”

In their test of 4-season and expedition tents, Norwegian men’s magazine Vi Menn awarded Helsport’s Svalbard High 3 Camp “Best tent for long winter expeditions”

Here’s what the test panel say about Svalbard:

  • A mix between dome- and tunnel tent, gives a solid and very stable tent
  • Stable and solid
  • Storm flaps and good ventilation
  • Large vestibule
  • In our opinion, one of the best tents for long winter trips in extreme weather conditions
  • If we were looking for a pure winter tent, this would be our favourite

How the tents are tested:

  • Most of the tents have been with the test team on short or long trips, over the course of a whole year
  • All of the tents have had a minimum of 25 testing days, on both snow and dry surfaces
  • The test team (all of them experienced hikers) made their individual observations on each tent, before gathering together to evaluate the details and materials carefully together as a team
  • Tent measurements (weight, dimensions) were done by the test team, and can differ from suppliers’ information