Fjellduk PRO – Testwinner!

Helsport’s Fjellduk Pro was chosen as the best tarp shelter in the October 2014 edition of Villmarksliv magazine.

A multi-functional product with many uses: emergency shelter; protection from the wind during lunch breaks; extra roof over the tent door or extra gear; an improvised canoe sail. On a hike with children (or even adults), the Fjellduk Pro can quickly save the day if the weather turns, especially if you’ve brought along the insulated version.

Helsport Fjellduk Pro – Test winner

Like the X-TREM, but without an insulated liner, hence its main competitor is the Jerven Original. Similar to the X-TREM, it can be connected to form two different shapes and has zippered ventilation openings for arms. Comes standard with a red signal flag, a hood, and connectable arm covers. This product should be considered standard equipment in your backpack, available should the need arise. Test winner!

How the testing was done

Most products have been used over a 6 month period. Tarps are compared directly to each other. Despite a broad range of intended use and features, some products are very similar, especially the tarps from Jerven and Helsport, and the wind shelters from Helsport and Hilleberg. Because of this broad range, choosing an overall winner has proven difficult. In the end, the prize goes to Helsport’s Fjellduk Pro: it’s small and light enough to always be on the backpack gear list, and has a multitude of uses. Its usefulness as a sleeping bag cover tipped  the scales in favor of the Helsport Fjellduk Pro.

How to read the table (all criteria are weighted equally)

Weight and packed volume: We’ve factored in the size of the product (1-person, 2-person etc). Weights are measured by us.

Versatility: How many different uses does the product have? For example, can you lie fully stretched out, or is it only possible to sit?

Robustness and protection: A high score is awarded for durable materials and construction, as well as for protection against the elements.

Text: “Villmarksliv” the magazine

Photos: Helsport