Your backpack is in direct contact with your body for extended periods of time, so it’s important to choose the right pack before you set out. Your pack should have room for everything you’ll need on your trip, and pack comfort is increased considerably by good design and proper functionality.

As a leading outdoor equipment manufacturer, Helsport carefully selects the best materials from manufacturers around the world. We’re able to develop lightweight and durable fabrics specifically for use in our backpacks. Our quality standards focus on abrasion resistance, tear strength, seam strength and water repellency. Even though we use treated and coated fabrics on all our packs, they are not waterproof. Rain can still get in through the seams and the zips. Therefore, we recommend using additional waterproof bags for anything you want to keep dry and, if you expect heavy rain, use a rain cover. Many of our packs come with a rain cover included, or you can buy one separately.

POLYESTER 75D RIPSTOP Lightweight fabric used for internal pockets and linings.

POLYESTER 75D RIPSTOP 3000 MM  Light, packable, coated to give a high waterproof rating and able to be seam-taped. Used in our pack raincovers.

NYLON 192D DOUBLE RIPSTOP 1500 MM  Lightweight, high density weave, the tensile strength of polyamide and an integrally-woven grid pattern for even better tear resistance.

NYLON 420D DOUBLE RIPSTOP 1500 MM  A stronger option to our 192D ripstop with a heavier polyamide yarn to give even better tear resistance and durability.

POLYESTER 600D 1500 MM  Used when toughness is essential. Placed in exposed areas like the pack base, where there will be particularly rough treatment.

POLYESTER 900D 1500 MM Extremely strong and durable fabric used for exposed surfaces, and models that are designed specifically to withstand rugged use.

TWILL SPUN POLYESTER 900D 800 MM Flexible weave with a soft, brushed finish. Used on our hunting packs to reduce noise.

HYPALON A durable material used on exposed areas and where other fabrics are not suitable.

POLYESTER AIRMESH A soft, three dimensionally-woven fabric with an open structure and low moisture absorption, allowing ventilation and quick drying.

ZIPPERS A zipper is an important component in the backpack. Helsport therefore use high-quality zippers from the world’s leading manufacturer, YKK, on all of our models. We also ensure that our pack design and construction lead to correct, yet minimal, loading stress on zippers.

COMPONENTS The buckles on your pack must withstand abuse under all conditions and function, regardless of weather or temperature. Helsport uses the highest quality components from well-known suppliers.