Colour coding
All tents with different lengths of the poles are colour coded. Red poles belong to the red marked channel, yellow pole in yellow channel etc.

Pole cups
When the pole is threaded through the pole sleeve, it is held it in place in a pole cup. X-TREM tents have pole cups with adjustment bands suitable for both one and two poles. TREK, PRO and SuperLight tents have pole cups suitable for one pole, but the minimal SuperLight version has no adjustment bands.

The zipper is an important component of a tent, which is why Helsport uses zippers from the world’s leading zipper producer YKK. The YKK zippers are solid and easy to use under all conditions. On all of the models the outer zipper has a flap that prevents water leaking through the zipper. The flap also gives protection against dirt, dust or icing under cold conditions.

Mesh gear loft
All X-TREM tents come with a removable mesh gear loft for the inner tent, which can be used for drying or storing light equipment.

Storm flaps
All of our X-TREM tents come with storm flaps. These are tents designed for the most extreme conditions, and the storm flaps keeps the tent closer to the ground, especially under strong winds. Storm flaps can be important to have when you’re camping on rocky or hard surfaces where it’s difficult to find placements for the pegs and guy lines, and when the surface is loose like snow or sand. If it is hard to find placements for the pegs you can secure the tent by placing snow or rocks on the storm flaps. This is especially important on trips during fall/winter when there isn’t enough snow to dig down into, the wind is strong, and it’s difficult to use pegs.

Guy lines
All tents have reinforced guy points and all X-TREM tents have reinforced guy point skirts. The guy point skirts are mounted onto wind-exposed surfaces on the tent, and give increased wind stability and anchoring of your tent. The guy points have integrated cords that collect the guy lines to prevent tangled guy lines. The guy lines are produced with tightly woven polyester and have a tensile strength of 75 kg. PRO and X-TREM tents have reflective threads woven into the guy lines, which makes them easier to find in the dark.

Inner and outer tent connection
All Helsport tents can be pitched with the inner and outer tent connected. This setup is faster than a setup where you have to pitch the inner tent first. This also ensures that the inner tent stays dry if it’s raining. The inner tent is connected to the outer tent with a user-friendly system consisting of side-release buckles, snap hooks and elastic cords. This connection makes the pitching incredibly fast and easy, and ensures optimal distance between the inner and outer tent for maximum ventilation and minimum condensation. If you wish to share the weight of the tent with others, or only use the outer tent, you can easily disconnect the inner tent. You can also disconnect parts of the inner tent so you get one large room for resting or eating. The inner tent is not connected to the outer tent when delivered, but after you connect it the first time, you do not have to disconnect it except when drying or servicing. To correctly align the inner and outer tent during assembly, simply start with the connection point marked red.

Peg loops
Some of our tent models come with adjustable peg loops in the front and back.These peg loops allow you to easily adjust and tighten the tent without having to move the pegs. The peg loops are made of tightly woven polyester with reinforced seams/sheet.

All our aluminium pegs are anodized for corrosion resistance and colored red to make them easy to locate on the ground.

TREK/PRO SuperLight: Helsport aluminum pegs; 7.2 grams and 15 cm.

PRO: Helsport aluminum pegs; 9.4 grams and 19 cm.

X-TREM: Helsport X-Trem aluminum pegs; 24 grams, 20 centimeters.

LAVVU: The big lavvus come with V-pegs and are made of steel weighing 35 grams and 18 cm long