Based on years of research and development we have developed an insulation system based on different methods:

ONE LAYER INSULATION: A single layer of lightweight, high-performance Thermoguard®6000 insulation for comfort in higher temperature zones.

TWO LAYER INSULATION: A double layer of Thermoguard®6000 insulation. The first layer is stitched while the second is free-floating, dramatically increasing its insulation characteristics.

BOX CONSTRUCTION: Selected Helsport sleeping bags have specially-designed square sidewalls, which lift the bag around the body providing increased comfort and warmth. In addition, our form-fitting mummy shape offers a perfect balance between comfort and warmth. Available with one or two layers of insulation.

MODULAR SYSTEM: A double layer of insulation throughout the whole sleeping bag, with an additional layer in the areas where the body is most susceptible to heat loss. Clinically proven to greatly improve warmth, the shape of the sleeping bag is also optimized for comfort in low temperatures.

FIBER/DOWN: An insulation system developed for use in low temperatures. By combining our high performance Thermoguard®6000 insulating fiber where its waterproof and decompression characteristics are most needed with a layer of natural down over the body, we have harnessed the best of the two materials. Fiber/down sleeping bags are not only warmer, but also 10% lighter.

DOWN CONSTRUCTION: Our down bags are constructed with horizontal chambers with baffles. This ensures even insulation and good loft throughout the whole bag, avoiding cold spots. The upper and lower sides have separate chambers to keep the down in place.