Wegge Brothers

Inge, Markus and Håkon
Lively and environmentally-conscious outdoor adventurers

Activities fill much of our lives: surfing, snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, climbing, paragliding, speed-riding, kayaking, slack lining, high lining and other adventurous and extreme experiences. But the main thing for us is to have fun, share positivity and explore new horizons. We also appreciate the philosophical reflection that comes from a simple outdoors life.

Environmental awareness is also important for us – a constant focus on trying to live our (outdoor) lives in an environmentally friendly way: our cars are fueled by vegetable oil, we sort our garbage (!), we clean ocean debris from beaches, we find good food in garbage cans, we buy organic where possible and we try to use the resources we feel we need in the best possible way.

We grew up involved in outdoor activities. We started early with board sports, and have developed fun ways of doing various activities. Informality is a key word for us.

Inge Wegge (1986):

Studied at Nordland art and film school. Created documentaries ‘North of the sun’ and ‘Bear Island’ and the television series LofotSprell (NRK). Living in Lofoten, where I play in the mountains skiing, snowboarding, paragliding and climbing. And there are good waves for surfing. My dream, for which I live now, is to combine activities with my job and be able to share my experiences and thoughts about the outdoors.

Markus Wegge (1987):

Completed a Bachelor of Outdoor Guiding at HiT, Bø in 2012. As mentioned, our childhood was full of fun activities, which I’ve continued with in both work and free time. Partly as an adventurer, with the Bear Island project and the Lofotsprell series, and also in an outdoor education setting: I’ve worked as a teacher, guide and coach in many places. Most recently with unaccompanied asylum-seeking minors, mainly from Eritrea and Afghanistan. Fantastically rewarding!

Diabetic and love food! Living in Kabelvåg, Lofoten, with partner, children and animals.

Håkon Wegge (1992):

Versatile “adventurer”. Previously active in Downhill Racing (longboard) with top placings in Norwegian Championship and World Cup competitions. Won Norway Cup in 2011 and came 2nd place in the 2010 World Cup (junior). Slept and hung around a lot in the mountains, woods and ditches since the early 2000s, still going strong. Logged about 130 nights outdoors in 2015. Enjoy sleeping in a tent or under the open sky, but for the moment live mostly in my car. Concerned with outdoor philosophy and the different values ​​people associate with their “outdoor” life. Active freerider and climber. Very active climber really. Sport climbing, traditional, technical, moss, snow, ice. Everything to do with climbing. Educated through the Norwegian Mountaineering Forum Instructor programme, and run climbing courses for different levels. Also scrape a living as a public speaker. Currently living in Volda, studying to be a nature guide.

We’re extremely proud to have the Wegge Brothers as ambassadors. Through their playful life-style and attitude to the environment and outdoor activities, they’re great role models!

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