Sven Richard Møller

In his upbringing he got more trout and mosquito bites than straight A’s, and after more than a decade working proper “grown-up” jobs, he said goodbye to a mundane life, and hello to adventure! Meet Sven Richard Møller (b. 1979), a vagabond with a camera!

– I am just as happy whether I’m in the forest or in the mountains, I love standing by the river just as much as I do hiking the highest peaks, and I enjoy myself just as much whether I’m sitting quietly in front of a bonfire or sweating along with a heavy backpack on a multi-day trip.

After 12 years in the Army, three years as an advisor in the oil industry and 1 ½ years as a general manager in a sports shop, Sven Richard finally did what most of us just dare to dream of: he decided to challenge the decided norms, left his job and jumped out of the hamster wheel to get more time for the important things in life – the great outdoors.

– I will not end up in the rocking chair and think that the life I lived was after the neighbour’s expectations!

Sven Richard worked as a forensic scientist in the Army, and his interest in photography came when he began to understand the photo-technical side of his job.

– It is very nice to be able to take an interest for photography and turn it into a part of an income. I take freelance assignments, write articles and give lectures, and it has been a great surprise to get so much positive feedback that what I do is inspiring to others.

He has difficulties picking out his favourite outdoor moment, or Helsport product – as there are so many good of both!

– It is impossible to choose my most memorable outdoor experience, however, I had a soul rocking moment by myself during a sunrise  at 04:50 am in 2010. And favourite Helsport product? I can’t choose! It depends on the type of adventure I’m going on. There’s great gear for all kinds of adventures!

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