Sveinung Mosnes

Through his photos, Sveinung Mosnes (b. 1990) tries to convey the importance of how lucky Norwegians are to have unlimited access to the beautiful outdoors in Norway. And during his trips he has become well acquainted with Bente at Helsport's repair department, as he will rather fix old stuff than buy new.

– Every year I take a month or two leave from my job as a carpenter, and go travelling. My life makes the most sense when I have a sledge packed with everything I need for a longer period, and travel in deserted mountain areas. The interest in photography evolved at the same time as my love for the outdoors grew, and the most important thing about photography for me is to make others aware of all the great nature we have here in Norway, and thus help to care for it. To take care of nature, one must know what is actually out there, experience it, and be fond of it yourself.

Sveinung is often seen with his backpack full of rubbish he’s collected in nature, and thus he believes the repair and reuse of equipment is vital.

– Repair of equipment is important for environmental, economic and nostalgic reasons. It helps the environment by using a product for a long time. It has an economic upside to it, as it is cheaper to repair than to buy new. Minor injuries can easily be fixed and make the products as good as a new again. And you have the nostalgic aspect, because when you have had a tent for a long period, you are reminded of all previous trips each time you pitch your tent. It’s like opening up an old diary.

Sveinung says that he gets a special feeling every time he pitches his soon ten-year-old Helsport Stortinden tent.

– I used it when I hiked Norway from north to south, across Finland and on several other long trips. As I crawl into the tent, my mind wanders back to past adventures. The tent is like a large patchwork quilt after all the repairs as a result of past accidents, but each patch has its own humorous story. For instance the time when my girlfriend was to make dinner and put the knife straight through the fabric when she was pointing at something. If you take care of your equipment, it can be used for many, many years, and often go on to the next generation.

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