Stian Aadland

Stian is one of our most active test team members, spending almost all of his time in the amazing outdoors.

Stian Aadland spent several years as a “snowboard junkie”, travelling the world together with good friends, chasing deep powder and memorable experiences. His snowboard is still by his side, but in recent years his focus has been on enjoying a broader range of adventures to the fullest.

In June 2012 he started his own blog (, sharing his experiences with people searching for photos, videos and inspiration in the outdoors. With trips of every duration and destination, he updates his blog frequently.  For the time being Stian lives in Svalbard, studying to be an Arctic nature guide. For us, this means he tests Helsport equipment in one of the most amazing locations the world has to offer!

We strongly recommend checking out his blog to reading all about his adventures. Inspiration guaranteed!