Ruben Soltvedt

Ruben Soltvedt (b. 1992) sought peace in the mountains when he lost his job in the oil sector during the financial crisis, and even though he is now back offshore, he has kept the love for the outdoors and his photography skills.

Ruben tells about a tough time when he was laid off and dismissed from the job in the oil sector.

– I bought a camera and managed to find some kind of escape in the mountains. After this, my interest for photography has flourished. I am back in the oil sector and work offshore with two weeks on and four weeks off, and that gives me a lot of time to spend outdoors taking pictures.

He hopes that photography one day will become his full-time job, as he loves the happiness and fulfillment the assignments give him.

– My favourite is to show off outdoor experiences via Instagram, and the feedback I get about having motivated others to get out and experience our beautiful country, whether it is on longer expeditions or a trip in the local area, is incredibly rewarding.

He tells about a trip he had with his friend, that taught him a lot. They were snowshoeing on Finnmarksvidda during wintertime with huge backpacks when his friend damaged his foot and was unable to walk any further. Without map and a compass, it could’ve gone really wrong.

– Our safety net there and then was a Helsport Reinsfjell X-trem tent. The tent is quick to pitch, and is self-standing, so we didn’t have to worry about shelter. We ended up getting a lift to the nearest town with a passing by local. That trip made an impression on me! I never rely on Google Maps on my mobile any longer, and have a completely different approach to equipment and planning now.

Fortunately, the best photo experience is not as dramatic, and took place on a surfing trip to Hoddevik with his girlfriend.

– When we pitched our tent it felt as if a hurricane was upon us, however as soon as the tent was up, the most beautiful Milky Way I have seen in Norway, appeared. We lay in the tent and just embraced the moment. The next morning I got pictures of the most amazing sunrise over the pointy mountains, it was stunning! We were only trying to find the closest place to make camp, and then nature surprised us this way.