Petter Hermans

He has studied film production and film photography, and describes his dream job as a passionate outdoor project where he gets to challenge himself. Meet Petter Hermans (b. 1995) from Sveio.

Spending time outdoors was a big part of Petter’s upbringing, and there has been countless canoe trips, hiking trips, bonfires, nights in tents and alpine skiing adventures with his family.

–  My two older siblings and I have gotten up to a lot of shenanigans in the wilderness, and that’s where it all started. I bought a GoPro, attached it to my helmet, and started making movies. And from there on, the interest escalated! Being able to combine the passion for movies with great experiences in the wild suits me perfectly!

Petter has always been interested in photography, and says it comes from documenting so many great outdoor experiences.

After completing his studies in 2018, he has worked as a freelance photographer for Helsport.

– Whether it’s on skis, bike or an overnight camping trip, the best part about being a film photographer is to be able to give others the opportunity to experience the same beautiful nature as I do through film. It may be a bit cliché, but I love to showcase the beauty of Norway, as we live in such an amazing country, he says.

Petter is the maker of the film about the Rago-series for Helsport, and both the national park Rago, and the equipment-series are – not surprisingly – on his list of personal favourites.

– My favorite Helsport product is Rago Superlight Winter, because it is lightweight and takes up little space, which means I can bring even more camera equipment with me. Camera equipment is often quite heavy, and having lightweight equipment with little packing volume is absolutely essential.

– The photoshoot we made for the Rago-series is also on my top three list. It was my first commercial shoot for Helsport, the national park was lovely, the weather was great, the people wonderful, and last, but not least, the equipment is awesome!

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