Øyvind Salvesen


Øyvind thrives in steep terrain, and he lives and breathes the mountains, in both his professional and personal life.

Besides a solid grounding in the outdoors from his childhood, he also has a broad professional background, from working as a skiing instructor, studying Outdoor Education in Bø, and Instructor Education through the Norwegian Mountain Sport Association (Norsk Fjellsportforum).

For the time being he lives in Norway’s steepest county, Rogaland, with his partner Linda. Often outdoors in conjunction with work and education, he also heads off on his own adventures – like the winter of 2015, where he spent 7 weeks climbing in Patagonia, Argentina.

“Light is right” is Øyvind’s mantra when it comes to equipment. His favourite products from Helsport are the groundbreaking lightweight tent Trolltind Superlight 2, as well as the Vindsekk that, according to him, has saved the day on more than one occasion.

You can follow Øyvind on his own blog; JoikaPride and on Instagram @osalvesen