Martin Blom

Hunting, fishing and the great outdoors are important parts of Martin's life - he lives off, and for, the environment.

Ever since Martin was a child he has spent a significant amount of time in the outdoors. As his father wrote to his teacher: “Martin won’t be attending school next week as hunting and being outdoors is an important part of his upbringing”. Today Martin lives off the land, and large parts of the year are spent outdoors. In addition to solo hunting or photography trips, he enjoys joining his family on adventures, as well as attending hunting-related events, where Martin is well-known for his production of hunting DVDs.

When he’s out with his family Helsport’s Svea 4 Camp is his tent of choice, with plenty of room for 3 people, 2 dogs, clothes and equipment. During events he uses Helsport’s Varanger Camp lavvu as a basecamp. Able to withstand all types of weather and wind, the lavvu is easy to assemble and incredibly functional. Various Helsport Fjellduk are also in the pack – perfect for reindeer hunting! The multi-functional and highly practical Helsport Fjellduk can be used to slaughter on, wrap meat, as a sleeping bag, and a warm cover for the dogs.

Martin has high expectations of his equipment – functionality and practicality are crucial.