Live Andre Sulheim

Live Andrea’s (b. 1990) first camera was a 2,1 megapixel digital camera (yep, not 21). Since then both her photo interest and love of nature have grown proportionally with the megapixels.

Live Andrea has the last decade had a seasonal job at Leirvassbu, a mountain cabin surrounded by beautiful mountains in the national park of Jotunheimen. She is a huge fan of the area and the opportunities that are there, and enjoys everything from longer day trips with glacier crossings and scrambling, to the really low-key adventures where the main objectives are a vivid bonfire and food that doesn’t come freeze dried or instant.

– Since I’ve spent so much time at Leirvassbu, and had the lodge as my starting point for many great hikes, this has also become one of my favourite places. I always bring my camera when I go out exploring, and hopefully I can inspire others to get out and enjoy – and take care of – the outdoors as well.

Live Andrea grew up in Lom, right in the heart of Norway, and is currently studying in Volda on Sunnmøre. She is in the process of completing a master’s degree in media science, with documentary photography as the theme of the master’s thesis. She says that being a student and working freelance with photography suits her perfectly, because she can organise the day as she wants and spend as much time as possible outdoors. What she’ll do after her thesis, she does not know, but she’s not worried and is looking forward to the road (or trail!) ahead.

– One of my favourite things to show through my pictures is how small we humans are compared to big mountains, and how the scenery changes with the light of day. I love watching the sunrise from a mountain peak, it’s just amazing. I also have a love for cold and quiet winter nights out by myself. If I can sit in my sleeping bag and look up at a clear starry sky and snow covered mountains, sipping a cup of hot chocolate, well, then I’m happy, she says.

Live Andreas’ favorite Helsport product is Rago X-Trem Lady.

– It’s so good to sleep in that I just want to stay inside it! But it’s so warm, so I need more cold winter nights so I can use it even more, she laughs.