Lars Korvald

Lars Korvald (b. 1989) from Bergen is a Norwegian enthusiast and self-taught photographer, and compares getting into his sleeping bag with falling asleep inside a warm, soft cloud!

It was Lars’ grandfather who inspired the interest for photography back in the days, but Lars’ knowledge is self-taught. He recommends YouTube, Lynda and Creative Live as good areas where you can learn more about photography.

He has been working with photography for almost 10 years, and finds it amazing to be able to share moments from the places he visits using a camera. This is also much of the idea behind the travel blog Trails of Norway, which he runs together with his fiance Henrikke. Here they convey beautiful images and inspiration from Norway to the benefit of readers from all over the world.

Currently he works as a consultant in social media, but in the summer of 2019 Lars plans to move into a sailboat and sail for 15 months creating a documentary about the Norwegian coast.

Lars likes to photograph in the last hour before sunset, and preferably while someone does something really cool.

– Last summer we climbed the “The Blade” in Molladalen. At the top of the pinnacle you get a fantastic view of the Hjørundfjord, and the climber really stood out in the landscape. A dream to photograph!

Constantly going out and about, a photographer’s outdoor gear is important, and Lars tells that he always brings a sleeping bag. His favourite is Helsport’s new Rago superlight sleeping bag.

– It’s great! After a long day out, it feels like entering a big, warm and soft cloud, and just going to sleep in it.

He loves inspiring people to get out and visit popular hiking routes, look out points or fantastic scenery, however urges people to go a bit more off the beaten track.

– Find your own place and enjoy nature, get a bit away from the places “everyone else” goes to, he urges. That’s where you’ll find the true gems!

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