Jon Kolstø

Jon Kolstø (b. 1972) is a dedicated photographer and outdoor enthusiast, and he spends whatever time he can spare out and about with his camera.

– Photography was very important to me when I was 16. I spent a year doing photography in college after secondary school and was immediately hooked. I go to work in the morning and wonder whether it’s ok to suggest we have an outdoor office, as my mental capacity evolves around compass courses, shutter speeds, coffee, the smell of freshly chopped wood, lighting conditions, avalanche hazard, coffee and ISO-values. Did I mention coffee?

Jon believes the combination of the great outdoors, photography and coffee is one big trifecta. He has an indomitable, if somewhat naive, belief that if he just gets his children interested in the great outdoors, everything else in their lives will fall to place.

– I think the sound of a crackling bonfire or sizzling primus is better than the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, and I prefer to sleep in a tent. I carry little and lightweight outdoor gear, in order to be able to pack heavy – and lots of – camera stash.

With him on his trips are an old Fimbul down jacket that works just as well today as it did 15 years ago, a Lofoten tent, and the Spitsbergen X-trem sleeping bag.

The father of four (including two bonus children) travels just as often for photography as for leisure, and says he loves to feel the sweat on his back, the lactic acid in his legs and the beauty of nature when he’s all alone in the wilderness.

– It’s difficult to describe a favourite moment, but I love the combination of beautiful light, whether it be northern lights, bright sunlight or the moon, with magnificent landscape. That’s just amazing, sacred, really.

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