Falke Omdal

Falke Omdal (b. 1990) is a spontaneous and adventurous photographer, who likes the odd surprise. Like when he took a Christmas tree and decorated it at Kjeragbolten the day before Christmas, and got some very unique pictures!

Falke works as a tree surgeon (arborist) in Stavanger where he was born and raised. Outdoor life and backpacking have always been his greatest passions, but it is only in recent years that the camera has begun to follow along on his trip.

– I’m mostly self-taught in photography, after some trial and error. The photo interest is based on the tour interest, it began by snapping pictures with my mobile to share the experiences and memories, then I borrowed a camera and eventually I bought my own equipment.

In the lead up to Christmas 2018, when you probably where running around the mall on a quest for the perfect gift, or where busy at home with Christmas cleaning, Falke and his friend had a slightly different take on the preparations. They brought a Christmas tree (!!) to Kjerag, a 7 hour ski-trip from home, decorated it and got it some amazing pictures.

– It is probably be my favorite moment, when you snap a picture where you have worked so hard with the preparations, defying the weather, wind and cold, and then realize that the picture will turn out even better than expected. As you shoot the picture, you get a sense of happiness, and it feels as if time is standing still.

On both shorter trips and longer expeditions, his Helsport Spitsbergen 3 X-Trem tent is a clear favorite. And even though Falke enjoys traveling around the world, most tours take place in his immediate vicinity.

– There is nothing wrong with exploring your neighbourhood when the area around Stavanger contains some of the most beautiful nature Norway has to offer, he says.

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