Bjørn Tore Moen

Bjørn Tore Moen loves spending time outdoors, whether on Finnmark's plateau with skis and sleigh, hiking in the mountains, or climbing to new heights. With his camera always at the ready, Bjørn Tore captures his experiences and makes us all long for our own adventures.

Born in 1986, Bjørn Tore was raised and still lives in Notodden, in Telemark, Norway. He works at GKN Aerospace Kongsberg, and photography is his hobby and passion. We’ve let him describe himself with his own words:

I’ve always been interested in the outdoors. At a young age I would go fishing with my father. When I was about 6 or 7 years old a friend and I started sleeping in tents outside alone. We started in the garden, and after each night spent outdoors we’d set up camp further away from the house. We both had a Helsport Børgefjell tent (which I still have and use today). Helsport has always been with me on my adventures.

It was the hunt for the big trout that lured us out, and any spare time was spent fishing, either in the river by my childhood home or at my friend’s cabin at Frøystul, close to Møsvatn.

In my teenage years music and photography captured my interest. I played guitar for several years, but had a stronger interest in things visual, and with time there was more photography than guitar playing. I took photos at concerts and, in time, specialized in portrait and band photography.

In my 20s I started to long for hikes in the woods and the mountains. I was overweight at the time and found everything to be exhausting, but I decided to lose 20-30kg and experience new adventures. My goal was to cross Hardanger plateau by myself. After a few months of hard training carrying a heavy backpack, over 20kg was gone, and I crossed the plateau (with my old Helsport Bjørgefjell tent). That was the start!

There have been plenty of trips over the past few years, and I’m active outdoors all year round. In the summer I fish, hike, summit mountain tops, go kayaking and cycling. In the winter I put on my mountain skis and tow my sleigh. Each trip length varies, from evening hikes and long weekends, to week long trips in the holidays. I always try to find new and tougher goals, and my dream is to live outdoors for a whole year, and experience the feel of all four seasons.

My camera is one of the most important things I take on my trips. I combine my two great passions, the outdoors and photography – which makes the equipment feel lighter in my backpack. I wish to capture and convey the moods and lovely memories of my trips through photography