Baffin Babes

The Baffin Babes have, for several years, been one of our most important partners. They test gear and contribute to product development; most recently they've played a central role in developing our sleeping bag system for women, Huldreheimen. In addition to being the toughest women we know, they're also some of the nicest, most positive and enthusiastic people we've ever worked with.

The Babes

Kristin Folsland Olsen

Kristin works as a journalist, photographer and lecturer. Kristin lives in the Lofoten Islands, where she spends most of her time in the mountains or at sea, and between trips she provides articles and photographs to various magazines. This enthusiastic traveler has contributed to several books, and also works on guided tours in rugged terrain, such as Greenland, Svalbard and the Lofoten Islands.

Emma Simonsson

Emma works as an educator and activity director for children and immigrants for the Department of Recreation in Molde. This “Outdoor Queen” gets her energy from the mountains and the sea, and enjoys spending time under the open sky. Her camera is a standard piece of trip equipment. Emma is very socially-minded, and has studied social aide in Gothenburg, volunteered for refugee centres, and worked with street children in Lima, Peru.

Vera Simonsson

Vera is trained as a glacier guide, and is currently part-owner of the company Vega Expeditions. Vera works as an educator, and for years has led expeditions by boat, dog sled and ski in both the Arctic and Antarctic. In 2009 she was crowned “Female Adventurer of the Year” in Sweden. Vera also writes articles and takes photos for several national and international magazines.