Aleksander Gamme

Aleksander Gamme is one of the most versatile adventurers around. We've worked closely with Aleksander since an educational project back in 2007, where he climbed Mt Everest. We support all his expeditions, and he thoroughly tests our gear.

Aleksander Gamme is perhaps Norway’s most versatile adventurer. Travelling around the world in his quest for amazing experiences, he’s been on the summit of several of the highest mountains in the world, crossed Greenland, the Sahara, and Las Vegas (!), been on assignment in Iran, Croatia, Kenya, Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Congo, Borneo, Gambia, Sumatra, South Africa and more, and worked as a freelance journalist.

His 2011-2012 expedition to the South Pole and back set a new world record for the longest trip on skis! As his video footage shows, treats on a trip like this are few and far between 😉

Some of Aleksander’s other adventures include:
2011: Aconcagua (guide)
2010: Broad Peak (7700m)
2010: Trans-Sahara (first crossing of the Sahara on a tandem bike)
2010: Crossing Greenland
2009: Crossing Greenland, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus
2008: Kilimanjaro, Sumatra, Etiopia
2007: Mount Everest (8850m)
2007: Safari guide education in South Africa
2006: “Birkebeineren anno 1206”. Reconstruction of this legendary ski trip.
2006: Shishapangma (8027m, got to 7500m)
2005: 3 countries – 2 skis – 1 blue Santa. A 30-day solo skiing expedition through Sweden and Finland.
2004: Mt Damavand
2004: Travelling and reporting from Iran, Croatia, Kenya, Peru, Kyrgyzstan
2003: Northern Norway. A 50-day solo skitrip in Finnmark and Troms
2003: Pik Kommunizma (7495m, got to 7000m), Tajikistan