2013 – Northwest passage

Being pummelled by sustained 100-kmph winds that gust even higher is an unnerving and humbling experience.

I’ve endured winds like this in a tent only twice before – while skiing to the South Pole in 2008/9 and when traversing Siberia’s frozen Lake Baikal in 2010 – and each time I remained awake through the ordeal certain our tent would be destroyed. But the tents weren’t destroyed on those two occasions and our tent isn’t destroyed this time either. We joined Kevin Valley and his crew for another expedition this summer, a journey he describes like this: This past summer myself and my three teammates attempted to traverse the Northwest passage solely under human power in a single season. We endured incredibly challenging weather and seas for 55 days travelling 1872 kilometers through the Northwest Passage. We didn’t make it to our final destination but came away with a deep appreciation of the high arctic and the challenge of that environment. We spent many hours and days tent bound and thankfully I chose 4-season Svalbard for our expedition. The value of a durable tent can’t be overstated in a harsh arctic environment and that is why I always choose Helsport.