2012 – Lynvingen – Our Big Adventure

Anders Levoll and Birgit Ryningen are just your average married couple, who dream about travelling the world by bike. An old globe of the world sits in their living room, whilst in the bedroom an enormous map of the world covers the wall. Always thinking about where to go next, they are currently on an extended trip: 2 years, cycling through Europe and up the length of the Americas.

The Plan

We’ll start by cycling the Great Trial of Strength (Den Store Styrkeprøven), then we’ll continue through Europe before taking the plane to South America’s southernmost city, Ushuaia, and ride the west coast along the length of the American continent, ending up in Alaska. Another of our life’s goals is to reach the summit of 1000 mountains (over 1000m in height), so we’re planning one of these hikes in every country we visit. Luckily, we’ve got two years to complete our journey. Along the way, Anders wants to fulfill a long-held dream of learning Spanish. Birgit, who’s been an avid judo fiend for years and can’t manage for long without a good fight, will (according to Anders) need to find the occasional judo club along the way.

The Goal

Two years – two bikes – us two – 20 countries – 20 summits – happy wheels and a great wide world to explore!

Visit www.lynvingen.org to read more about the project, and to see photos and videos of previous trips, or visit http://lynvingen-blogg.blogspot.no/ and  www.facebook.com/pages/Lynvingen/214902459239 for new pictures, films, and updates.


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