2011 – Youngest adventurer

During the summer, autumn and winter of 2011, Tonje Helene Blomseth achieved an impressive feat - she became the youngest person to walk the whole length of Norway. Her trip took her from Lindesnes in the south all the way to the North Cape, which she reached in the beginning of December, the darkest time of year.

The trip started off as a duo, but Tonje’s being going it alone since her companion withdrew. This makes her achievement all the more exceptional; hiking solo is mentally challenging, despite all the support from friends and family along the way.

Tonje used a Helsport Ringstind tent for the first part of her trip. However, as she headed further north and the autumn turned to winter, she upgraded her gear to a warm Polheim down sleeping bag and a robust tent for wintertime use – the X-TREM Stortinden 2.

During the trip Tonje shared her thoughts and experiences via blog posts, and we recommend taking a look at her homepage to read more.

Tonje was interviewed by NRK Trøndelag, and from about 10.30 minutes into the videoe you get a good insight into Tonje, and her winning attitude – something that got her all the way to the North Cape!

Here at Helsport we congratulate Tonje with an impressive achievement – this is not the last we’ll be seeing of this tough nugget!