2011 – Return to the Penguin Kingdom

Jørgen Amundsen and his crew went to Antarctica on an expedition consistent with the spirit of Roald Amundsen - exactly 100 years after the Norwegian was the first man to reach the South Pole. The expedition will focus on the biggest challenge facing the environment for the next 100 years - climate change. The penguin stands as a symbol, as the expedition attempt to bring attention to this important issue.

Setting sail from Ushuaia on November 21st, the expedition will round Cape Horn and cross the Drake Passage, en route to the Antarctic Peninsula.  It’s in this area that Amundsen wintered over for the first time in the Antarctic in 1898-99. The team plan to spend the first few days making small excursions in Amundsen’s footsteps.

On December 5th the team plan to leave the boat and start on skis, commencing their journey to the continent’s interior. The transition to skis will also mark the beginning of the main part of the expedition – to become the first to summit a particular mountain on December 14th – 100 years to the day after Amundsen reached the Pole.

In addition to highlighting the 100th anniversary of Amundsen’s success, the expedition will also take the opportunity to focus on the biggest challenge we face in the next 100 years – the environment. Together with the Red Cross and Friends of the Earth, the SING FOR THE PENGUIN campaign has been launched. This campaign asks everyone to voice their support for the penguins – and become part of a giantic choir, holding a concert for the penguins on December 16th.

Helsport is supplying gear in support of the expedition: Helsport tent Svalbard telt, sleeping bags Austfonna soveposer and back packs Fjellheimen ryggsekker. The expedition team are also testing an exciting new pack prototype!