2011 – 100 days of icy wilderness

On the 6th of October 2011, Aleksander Gamme left Norway with one goal in mind: the longest solo ski trip, 100 days on the Antarctic ice.

It wasn’t the centenary anniversary of Roald Amundsen’s polar expedition that was Gamme’s main reason for heading to Antarctica this season; logistics on the ice would mean an earlier-than-usual season opening and, in theory, 100 days of possibilities.

– A lot has been achieved in Antarctica but, until now, no-one has gone across and back from the coast without using a kite. There’ll be no kite-flying on this trip, he says.

Gamme sees this trip as Antarctica’s last remaining ‘classic’ adventure challenge.

At a distance of 2260km, the return trip from Hercules Inlet to the South Pole is actually longer than walking across the continent; but Aleksander Gamme wants to go even further, if his body can handle it and if time allows. Gamme has allowed for around 60 days to reach the Pole, and will leave caches along the way to aide a quick return journey. He’s also studied the map for a route from the start point and back to Union Glacier base, if the weather and time permit.

He realises though that the return journey is not his first concern, and he needs to focus his thoughts on his trip to the Pole. His primary goal, like so many others before him, is to reach the South Pole by December 14th.

Gamme knows this won’t be an easy journey, dragging a sled laden with heavy equipment. The sled will weigh 175kg, so he’s currently using his time in Punta Arena conditioning his body to carrying a hefty pack (he’ll start the trip with some of the load on his back, to keep the sled weight down). Helsport is one of Aleksander Gamme’s regular sponsors, and we’ve eagerly followed his earlier adventures. Our fingers are crossed, hoping his expedition gets off to a good start!

It’ll be fun to follow his progress – as soon as he’s underway we know we’ll get plenty of reports and updates from Aleksander, via his own website.

As he did on the South Pole 1911-2011 ekspedisjonen Aleksander will be using our Fjellheimen X-Trem Camp tent, and has chosen to use one of our Helsport 100% down sleeping bags. He’s also using one of our new down jackets, the Expedition down parka.


About Aleksander Gamme

Aleksander Gamme is perhaps Norway’s most versatile adventurer. Travelling around the world in his quest for amazing experiences, he’s been on the summit of several of the highest mountains in the world, crossed Greenland, the Sahara, and Las Vegas (!), been on assignment in Iran, Croatia, Kenya, Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Congo, Borneo, Gambia, Sumatra, South Africa and more, and worked as a freelance journalist for Vi Menn and UTE magazines.