2010 – Cape to Cape

On the 25th of August 2009, the guys started a cycling trip that would take them through 21 countries and over 20,000km.

It was an ordinary day in 2006 and the freshly enrolled university students Øyvind, Andreas and Jørn were chatting in the lunch room in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Andreas had just come back from 6 months in Zimbabwe, and Øyvind and Jørn had just finished a year in the military.

The campus was nice enough, they thought, but agreed it would be just as nice to bike from the North Cape in Norway, to Cape Agulhas in South Africa. So on the 25th of August 2009 they set off on their cycling trip, the start of a journey that would take them through 21 countries and over 20,000km.

On the trip they took:

Spitsbergen 4 Camp tent

Alta sleeping bags

Silk sleeping bag liners


Their thoughts on the equipment:

The Spitsbergen 4 Camp was the perfect tent for us, with space inside for all our gear and our bikes.

The Alta sleeping bags were exceptional in all conditions, from cold nights in Finnmark and down in Eastern Europe, to warmer temperatures in the Nubian Desert in Sudan. Even after 9 months of rugged use, the sleeping bags are in excellent condition and will definitely be used on more adventures.

We recommend looking at the trip website hjemmesiden til ekspedisjonen for fantastic pictures, not to mention inspirational blog posts.