2010 – Biking Scotland, Ireland and beyond

Anders Levoll and Birgit Ryningen started in Aberdeen and intend to cycle through Scotland, Ireland, and across England, from the west coast to the east.

Here is their own description of the trip:

We’ll start the trip in Aberdeen on the Scottish eastern coast, then make our way slowly west. A lot of the trip involves mountain climbs over 1000m. We’ll also head to the Isles on Scotland’s west coast, for some genuine Scottish culture. Then it’s off to Ireland, and a circumnavigation of the Emerald Isle, before then returning to England, cycling from the west to the east coast. Our main form of transport will be the bikes, but we’re also planning on hiking in the mountains, as well as exploring the surroundings and famous historic sites (Loch Ness, Giant’s Causeway etc). We plan to be self-sufficient, loading up our pannier bags and bike trailer with everything we might need.