2010 – Baltoro Karakoram

Marius Austnes, Øyvind Torgersrud, Ottar Bjørklid and Martin Nerhus Øen spent their summer in Pakistan, surrounded by some of the most amazing peaks in the world.

Helsport equipment on the trip:

– Fenris fleece jacket.

– Kvitbreen down sleeping bag.

– Backpack hipbelt pocket.

– Silk sleeping bag liner.

– Munin 45L backpack.
Here is their own planning and description of their trip:

In the far north of Pakistan lies the Baltoro Glacier, surrounded by the best mountains in the world. A 16-day hike between the villages of Askola and Hushe passes the jagged Trango peaks, the massive wall on Broad Peak and the mighty pyramid K2. The highest point is the pass at Gondogoro La (5600m), from which we might almost see home, were the view not blocked by the enormous mountains, soaring to over 7000-8000 meters. Once over the pass the track heads down and along a valley, past perhaps the world’s most beautiful mountain, Laila Peak.

The trip is not particularly demanding. There’s no difficult climbing, no extreme elevation, and no heavy backpacks. Only incredibly stunning surroundings.

We’ll walk for eight hours per day at a leisurely pace, allowing time for acclimatization and to grab every photo opportunity that presents itself.

Kamal from Skardu will organize local support, consisting of guides, cooks and a group of porters who’ll accompany us and make sure everyone gets the most out of the trip. Having local guides will enrich the trip in priceless cultural ways, and we’re already learning Urdu, as well as local customs.

Pakistan has an undeserved reputation as ‘the world’s most dangerous country’, and we started planning our trip as skeptics. Now, having read the local newspapers and understanding more about the political situation, we believe that by being prudent and aware our travels in the area should go smoothly. We believe that the trip will be an adventure, and we’ll meet friendly and hospitable people in a blossoming country.

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