2008 – Himalaya expedition

Never summited by Norwegians, this 2008 Himalaya expedition team had a collective goal to be the first Norwegians on the summit of Dhaulagiri. Unfortunately they had to forego the dream, due to too little rope and too much extreme weather.

Dhaulagiri is the seventh highest mountain in the world, and is located farthest east in the Dhaulagiri-Himal chain in the Himalaya, north of central Nepal. The mountain towers to an altitude of 8167m, and its Sanskrit name translates to “White Mountain”.

Discovered by the western world in 1808, Dhaulagiri was thought to be the world’s highest mountain, a status it maintained for over 30 years. The mountain was first summited on May 13th, 1960 by a Swiss/Austrian team. Only one Scandinavian climber has made it to the summit!

You can read more about the expedition at www.gamme.no and follow the blogs about the preparations, the trip itself, and the expedition team members.

Helsport equipment provided on the trip included:

Fimbul HS, expedition and fusion jackets

Galhøpiggen, Tempelfjorden and Leirvassbu sleeping bags

Svalbard 3 High and Valhall tents

Munin 45L and X-TREM 90+30L backpacks

The expedition team made the following comments about their Helsport equipment: 

When you decide to climb one of the world’s tallest mountains it’s vital to have equipment and clothing you can trust. I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with Helsport for all of my five previous Himalayan expeditions, which you can read about on Helsport’s website:

”International Makalu Expedition” in 2004 with, among others, Sven Gangdal,

”Cho Oyu Unarmed Expedition” in 2005 with, among others, Cato Zahl Pedersen,

”Hamar til topps Shisha Pangma Testekspedisjon” in 2006 with Aleksander Gamme,

”Hamar til topps Everest Ekspedisjon” in 2007 with Aleksander Gamme,

and now this latest ”Norwegian Dhaulagiri Expedition” in 2008 with, among others, Lars Bredesen.


Here’s how the equipment was tested:

On this expedition, which lasted more than two months, the equipment was used in all kinds of conditions, from tropical to arctic temperatures, rain to snow, in the jungle and the mud, crossing deep rivers and up steep mountainsides ☺…

I’ve got a lot of experience with Helsport tents and sleeping bags, and I’ve had the pleasure of using Helsport equipment in the above-mentioned trips. You’ll search long and hard for a better mountain tent than the Svalbard 3 High, and a better (thinking weight and warmth) mountain sleeping bag than Galdhøpiggen. For me, these have become a straightforward choice when I’m on more extreme trips.

We had no doubts about the quality, but were very excited to test Helsport’s new extreme clothing collection on this 2008 Dhaulagiri expedition. We can, with absolute certainty, say that these clothes function exceptionally well.