2006 – Swedish Laponia

Rafal Krol and companions set out in March 2006 on an expedition to the picturesque Swedish Laponia (Lapland).

Travelling with his brother and Stefan Wisniewski, Rafal Krol and his companions covered over 300km on a 14-day trip through Padjelanta and Sarek National Parks.

Departing from Kvikkjokk, they headed to Njunjes, Tarrekaisestugan, Kurajaure, Vaimok Lake, Varvekkjakka and Gajlavakkjahha to Staddajakka, Stalolukta, through Virihaure and Vastenjaure, Tjaktjajaure, and Partestugan, before returning to Kvikkjokk.

The weather was very variable, with temperatures between –30C and +3C degrees, humidity between 60% and 98%, and winds up to 90km/hr from every direction.

Helsport equipment on the expedition included both the Skarstind and Trollspiret tents, shelter/bivvy bags, and the North Pole sleeping bag. In Rafal’s words: “All of the equipment functioned well. I am particularly impressed with the Trollspiret. In my opinion, it is well-made, compact and yet at the same time very comfortable. I was a bit worried it’s height would make it unstable in the wind, but it worked well despite strong winds from every direction”.