2006 – Mount Ararat and Erciyes

Read about the mountains and look at photos from Rafal Krol's trip to Mount Ararat and Erciyes in Turkey.

Rafal Krol travelled to Turkey, aiming for the tops of Mt Ararat and Mt Erciyes.

Mount Ararat

Ararat is Turkey’s highest mountain. This snow-capped, dormant volcano lies in Turkey’s northeast, 16km from the Iranian border and 32km south from Armenia. It has two summits, with the higher one at 5165m and the lower at 3925m.

Even though the mountain is located in Turkey, it is an Armenian national symbol, where it is known as Masis, and it features on Armenia’s coat of arms. The mountain can be seen from many places in Armenia, including from the capital Yerevan. According to the Book of Genesis, Noah’s ark was stranded on the mountain following a large flood.

Mount Erciyes 

Mount Erciyes is another Turkish volcano, located in the Cappadocia area. With a summit of 3916m, the mountain towers over the city Kayseri and the surrounding landscape.